Vip Agreement

2.2 Console. The user interface for program management is “Admin Console.” As soon as the terms of this agreement are accepted, the person who is accepted on behalf of the Organization is assigned as the holder of the contract. The contract owner can add system administrators (one “administrator” each). The contract owner and each administrator have access to admin Console, where they can access the product, manage their subscriptions and view their account information. Admin Console allows the administrator to invite additional users within his organization to access the administration console. The member authorizes any director or contract holder to act on behalf of the member. The 22nd century V.I.P program includes a single level-based set-up fee. To be considered V.I.P., you must acquire a level to have access to V.I.P functions and discounts. A SUBSCRIPTION IS NOT A LONGER AVAILABLE. By appointment, customers are added to the V.I.P newsletter to receive news, orders and discounts.

Customers who re-apply must register and pay the installation fee. The levels of V.I.P. are as follows and can be viewed below: Thank you for reviewing this plan and the billing agreement (“Conditions” or “Agreement”) of the 22nd century V.I.P program (the “program”). This agreement exists between you and Moorket.” They govern our respective rights and obligations. This contract contains the terms of use of moorkets, the non-responsibility of the website and the privacy policy as well as all other conditions, conditions, restrictions and applicable requirements. This agreement and billing plan refer to advertising-related offers made available to you for the use of the program represent the entire agreement between you and Moorket under this program. By registering and continuing to use the program, you accept the billing plan and accept the terms, restrictions and requirements. We may make changes to the plan and/or agreement or cancel the V.I.P. program. If we make any significant changes or complete the program, we will notify you by email and/or the new conditions.

The 22nd century V.I.P program is used by MOORKET INC. The Moorket logo,, 22nd century natural products, 22nd century V.I.P program, and other logos and taglines are the intellectual property of MOORKET INC. The program and billing agreement are not valid, where and to the extent that the law is prohibited. Taxes can be collected if required by law. Moorket may, at our discretion, amend this planning and billing agreement,, terms of use or confidentiality, or any aspect of program affiliation. If an amendment to these conditions is found to be invalid, null or void for any reason, this amendment is separable and has no bearing on the validity and applicability of the remaining changes or conditions. YOUR MEMBERSHIP IN THE PROGRAM, AFTER WE HAVE CHANGED THESE CONDITIONS, IS YOUR AGREEMENT ON THE AMENDMENTS. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE CHANGES, YOU MUST TERMINATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP. 5.5 Generalities. The parties are independent contractors and the agreement is not construed as one of the other`s agent or partner.

The member cannot surrender this contract (by law or otherwise) without Adobe`s prior written consent, and any prohibited assignment is cancelled. Adobe may, at its sole discretion, resettle or renew the agreement without the member`s prior written consent. This agreement is mandatory for all licensees or authorized agents and will be taken into account in this agreement. The amendments are valid or mandatory, unless they are authorized in writing. This agreement (including the programme guide, the applicable terms of use and, if applicable, all documents or information relating to online registration) constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement.

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