Steam Workshop Legal Agreement

Yes, it is true, I miss this point completely, only you and your lawyer can read and understand the legal agreements. Everyone who uses Steam Workshop loses millions of euros. Poor boys. You win;-) Well, the concern is that, as I refuse to use the “service,” others will do so on my behalf without my knowledge. Valve can then claim rights to my intellectual property without my consent/knowledge. Now IF I discover that I valve and the idiot who downloaded it for my rights, but its me who must fight to be recognized as the author and owner of the IP. And if Valve doesn`t recognize anything, what do I have to do to “give back” my IP and my rights? It`s about investing time and effort to prove that something is first and foremost mine. I would never advise anyone who wanted to take advantage of the workshop not to use the workshop. The choice of how they wish to concede their content is theirs. No one stops you, or anyone else, to house your own addons. In fact, I can`t wait to do that. But only because someone disagrees with you, explains why (you don`t need to agree) doesn`t give you the right to inflame it. But I know where it comes from, it`s out of frustration that you, the user, can`t do anything about it, and it`s very likely that most modder veterans (which I know and I`ve had a chat with recently) will never use workshop…

It`s a hard treat. Oh and sorry for the use of the word “legally binding” if the reference to a document that starts I would like the server to have an option to add an address from where these files can be downloaded from the workshop, otherwise this will cause a lot of problems as with missions (which is not good) So based on this one that I will not use workshop. Even though they change this clause, I still have concerns based on the experience of many other users in many games who complain about how Valve ignores their IP requirements. Even then, it takes months to remove illegally downloaded/stolen content. Even then Valve does not communicate with both parties. it simply disappears from the shop and there is no notification of the valve to the IP applicant/owner regarding the removal of its content and the “return” of their rights, etc. I don`t have a written copy to post, I`d like to do it. We had a personal licensing meeting in October (?) regarding my 3D asset creation activities; While I asked him to take a look at the Steam agreement and the workshop agreement. His view was that the first, “was a fantastic way to generate money” this comment was regarding the fact that you don`t really own something you just “buy” the right to play the games through their service.

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