Maranoa Regional Council Certified Agreement 2019

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Business Accounts, including Entries and Exits, 2015-2019 Our Union has also made it clear to the Council that we will do what is in the best interests of our members, whether we are going to combine internal and external agreements or that we have separate CAs. The Council has recognized this position. Although we have addressed almost all of the clauses of the proposed certification body, the quintessence is that much remains to be done before submitting a certification body project to members. We have new agreements with more than 30 councils across Queensland and, in all cases, we have secured respectable wage increases without having to remove the terms. Remind your colleagues of the importance of joining your union if they want to make sure it is the same here at maranoa Regional Council. It is easy your negotiators Debbie Gelhaar, Katrina Dixon and Loren Clanchy have been a great advantage in our negotiating team and are unwavering in taking care of the best interests of members. If you have any questions about the negotiations, talk to Debbie, Katrina or Loren. The distribution of businesses may reflect the sectoral structure of the region or vary considerably. For example, the most important sector in a region may consist of a very large company employing a large number of people, while a lower value-added sector could have many small and micro-enterprises. At last Thursday`s meeting, the unions expressed concern about the length of the process, the length of the process, the lack of timely information and minutes, and the lack of an offer to increase wages. The Services Union made it clear to the Council that we would need a percentage offer before the end of the meeting. Management has tentatively proposed an initial annual increase of 2.1%, although this is necessary for the City Council to sign.

We continue to expect a firm offer for every three years of the proposed Board at the next meeting on Thursday, March 28. . Agriculture, forestry and the post-J.C. fishing industry accounted for most of the businesses registered with the Maranoa Regional Council, which accounted for 52.4% of all registered businesses, compared to 9.0% in Queensland. Companies registered by industry show how many companies there are in each sector, using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) business register, itself derived from the Australian Tax Office`s (ATO) GST registry. Businesses are included when registered with the ATO, as an ABN has been used in the last two years. Businesses are divided between companies that employ and those that do not. Self-employed companies may include individual companies and registered abns that are part of large companies. Since the November session, there have been some delays in the provision of updated copies of the CA work project and a complete table for the proposals proposed by the Council with regard to salary increases, allowances, etc.

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