Learning Agreement Unipa

Curriculum coordinators identified as responsible for the mailing facility must sign the changes to the initial learning agreements in order to be able to take into account and approve the changes to the agreed plan. Students receive by e-mail the digitization of learning agreements that are fully concluded and signed. Changes to the apprenticeship agreement must be agreed upon by students, agreement coordinators, curriculum coordinator and the person involved in the host university within 6 weeks of the start of the semester at the host university. Once at the host university, the student must complete his registration at that university. The student may apply, on an exceptional basis and for well-defined reasons (for example. B the elimination of a planned training activity, the incompatibility of time or the extension of study abroad), a modification of the agreed plan (modification of the initial apprenticeship agreement). These changes must be agreed with the coordinator of the agreement and formally approved by the head of the host university and the coordinator of the curriculum to which they are a member. The language requirements required by the host institution are a prerequisite for adoption. If you intend to participate in the tender in the coming years, it is possible to plan participation in the university Language Center`s language courses and acquire international certifications: www.itastra.unipa.it/. Curriculum coordinators identified as responsible in the mailing establishment receive (offices) apprenticeship agreements and sign them for the vision and approval of the agreed plan. The signed apprenticeship contracts are returned to the students by the school secretariat.

Before leaving, the student, with the help of the scientific director, the professor who coordinates the inter-institutional agreement, establishes the curriculum (learning agreement for studies) carried out abroad on the basis of information provided by the host university. The coordinator of the agreement undertakes in advance, with the curriculum coordinator, to fully recognize the themes set out in the apprenticeship agreement, on behalf of the curriculum. This document must therefore be written as precisely as possible. The student must also ask the co-ordinating professor of the host university or the relevant local office for an official copy of the results (record minutes), Table E of the apprenticeship agreement, from which the credits received and the results obtained are obtained. If it is not possible to issue the minutes on time, the certificates must be sent to the Office of InternationalIzation Policies for Mobility at the University of Palermo in Piazza Marina, 61. The apprenticeship agreement must include all training activities that the student will perform at the host university (Table A) and will include training activities considered valid by the university to which the student belongs after studying abroad (Table B). Additional lines can be added to tables A and B if necessary. Students holding the original apprenticeship contract can sign the Erasmus contract at the internationalisation office for mobility in Piazza Marina, 61 Palermo.

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