New Residential Home

Residential energy ratings are mandatory for all New Homes whether they are residential buildings, residential developments, alterations, extensions, holiday homes, architect designed homes which are classified as class 1a class 1b and class 10 (part residential) buildings. We are able to provide DTS reports and thermal calculation reports using FirstRate.  We can rate your projects directly off the plan, or come in at an early stage of development and help you through the entire energy planning process from floor to roof.

Torple energy offers flexibility in the services we provide to meet your requirements.

Deemed-to-Satisfy – BCA method

  • This method is useful because it enables a building to be assessed relatively quickly and easily, but it provides less flexibility in improving the building design.
  • It is fundamentally a check list of the BCA requirements, and either the proposed building complies with every requirement – and passes – or it does not.


Thermal Calculation (NATHers) – Star Rating method

  • Using thermal calculation, a building is compliant if it does not exceed an annual energy allowance, and the energy usage of the building is given a star rating of up to ten stars.
  • A building passing with a star rating is not obliged to match all the acceptable construction provisions of the Deemed-to-Satisfy energy efficiency provisions, as the star rating shows that the building achieves the required overall thermal performance.
  • A thermal calculation can be produced using AccuRate, FirstRate5 or BERS Professional software, which are accredited for this purpose.