Welcome to Torple Energy, Torple specialize in energy rating services for clients across Australia.  Originally called rateyourhome and started started in 2010, the company has emerged into a new name and face in the second half of 2012 called Torple Energy.  Torple is made up of a small set of talented individuals that strive to help home owners and architects/designers get the most out of each and every home built or extended.  We specialize in the NATHERS ratings (National Housing Energy Rating Scheme) or HERS rating for short.  This HERS ratings can be performed by using specialized rating software including accurate, firstrate, BERS Pro.

We also specialize in evaluation and recommendation of your existing home to help you save money and create extra comfort by implementing cost effective changes to your home.

Our design service started in late 2011 helps home owners and architects get the most out of their project as the plans are done, we work along side you to make sure key elements are perfect, including orientation, mazimization of solar gain and shading.

We consider ourselves market leader in energy assessment for residential and commercial buildings. We have a wealth of experience in helping our clients create more efficient buildings.

Torple is completely independent from builders, manufacturers and energy companies, which makes our assessments un-biased and are always completed on a ‘best practices’ basis.



Torple Energy is accredited to provide:

  • BCA thermal performance assessments for all parts of Australia using FirstRate5;
  • Deemed-To-Satisfy reports for all parts of Australia, and;

Section J reports for all parts of Australia.

  • Professional Opinion on application only.